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Credit Repair

Dont let other companies tell you it takes years to fix your credit. We have systems that will correct your credit within months.

Personal Loans

Set your self up for the future. We offer 0% interest for 15 months.

Money Talks

Get an unsecured loan for up to $200,000.00

Get Notified

Get notified as soon as your funds hit your account.

Business Loans

We fund new start up business and small businesses.

Tax Planning

Let us get all your hard earned money back. It’s not like the Feds can spend it better than you right?

Fund your business with an unsecured advance.

We’re here to give you some relief when the world is sitting on your shoulders. Covid 19 and Government grants only go so far, Pay Day Fort Worth wants to give you that extra push get you back on track. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain our above average rates are 0% Interest for 15 Months.


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Fast Online Advances

Our fastest solutions for our borrower’s is top tier. We have a high standard for customer service here at Pay Day Fort Worth.

No obligations or hard inquiries here. Just money in your pocket and a smile in your face.



Credit Repair & Restoration

If your credit history is crappy, no problem! 

Your score is okay but you need that extra bump to break 800, Great!

We’re the experts here at Pay Day Fort Worth.  Everyday our team is dedicated to helping you reach success and exceed your goals & expectations.

If our systems don’t work for you in the given time, we’ll give you your money back with no obligations. 

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Tax prep Pay Day Fort Worth

Tax Preparer

Thousands of people using Turbo Tax and H&R Block are leaving so much money on the table every year. Does your CPA or Tax prep really do everything they can to get you the most money back? Most of them do not want to be audited for “pushing” the boundaries. Using software that you can use yourself, your still not saving any money. You put in as much as you can until the screen says they could ask you questions about that amount. A professional will tell the IRS to come and ask questions because we know the codes just as well as the auditors. Knowing the current tax codes & staying on top of updates, we’re able to stay within the boundaries and give you back as much as we legally can. 


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Personal Loans

Auto Loans

Business Loans

Credit Repair

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