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Credit Repair Payday Fort Worth

Credit Repair Fort Worth

We have helped Thousands of residents here in Dallas Fort Worth Increase their credit score. 

Essentially, we perform what is called a credit sweep. A credit sweep is a complete removal of all negative accounts, including hard inquiries that drag down your credit score. This allows your score to take a huge leap up in points.




This is achieved by the use of the FCRA serveral specific sections. The big credit bureaus do not want to be sued, so they block the accounts from your report in quick succession. We typically see results in 15 days but, this process can take up to 90 days to complete. That’s right. It does not matter how much you owe or what your score is, we will have your 500 to a 700 in just a couple of months. While you are using our credit repair program we highly recommend you do not use your credit in any way. Meaning, Don’t apply for any loans, applying for any credit cards, getting a car loan, or having some one run your credit. It would be like fighting an uphill battle. We’re removing dirt out of a hole while your throwing dirt back in the hole, you get it? If you can hold out on doing anything with your ssc number for a couple of months, it will be well worth the wait. We can remove anything, by anything we mean Student loans, medical bills, broken leases, and the list goes on. Legally, your medical history and transactions are supposed to be private and protected, we deal with those the most often and get them removed. 

In the images below, here is an example of a clients score on April 14th, and June 14th


payday fort worth credit repair
Credit restoration payday fort worth

The reason for the loss of 500 points is because we removed all the negative reports on their credit. You can think of it as break it down and rebuild. If your score is already in a good position but you want that extra boost, we can help you do that aswell.

This is not the DISPUTE METHOD! We do not practice the dispute method like Lexington Law uses. This is far outdated and allows the collection and creditors to validate the account is yours, or the information is not inaccurate, so they leave the inquiries and records on your score. Generally the account, if removed can be placed back on the report after time.

A credit sweep stops them from reporting on the report ever again, they are permanently gone. 

Most credit Restoration companies cant 100% guarantee that their process will remove everything and keep them removed, we do! You may have worked with a credit repair company, they got the transactions removed then they re-appeared and you got charged more money to get them removed. We charge a 1 time fee and 100% guarantee to remove all current reports on your credit, even if they happen to come back with out an extra charge, we have you covered. 

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